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Plant Kindness

It can be easy to convince yourself that you can’t make a difference in the world as one person, but one of the amazing things we’ve learned from being part of a historic pandemic is that each person makes an enormous difference. Each person’s participation is important, since each person is another link in the chain. 

In the same way, small actions we take can have equally impressive effects. Simply saying hello to a new person in class might start a lifelong friendship. The pint of blood that you donate might save the life of a child who grows up to develop a vaccine for cancer. The tree you plant might sequester a full ton of carbon dioxide before it’s 50 years old. That’s why our theme for this year’s Philanthropy Month is Plant Kindness: even one small act can grow into something huge. 

Plant Kindness

Planting kindness doesn’t mean that philanthropy gets 100% of your attention once or twice a year; it means you make a conscious effort all year to expand your impact wherever you can. Looking for a way to bond with your Little? Find a soup kitchen that will let you serve on the line together or a nursing home that will allow you to put on a program for residents as a team. Invited to a philanthropy event by a club on campus, but short on cash? Stop by anyway to show your support and let them know you’ll catch the next one. Loving the fact that your professor adds jokes to her lectures to keep everyone interested? Tell her! Whether you make a point to share a little more time, money, or appreciation, these small choices can make a huge difference.

While you’re keeping your eyes open for ways to plant kindness on your own, make the most of your chapter’s philanthropy time! Get invested to maximize your impact. Take the fundraising seriously. If your chapter is volunteering, completely commit to the project. Don’t take these easy opportunities to make a difference for granted. Even if your part in the project is small, it’s important. You’re part of a network of people who are supporting causes that might fail entirely without that individual-level participation.

If your group is working on a philanthropy event, we can help! Whether you need to order custom apparel for your event, to run a fundraiser easily online, or to request an in-kind donation for your raffle or silent auction, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to support your cause. We love working on philanthropy projects, and think they’re at the heart of what makes collegiate life in general and Greek life in particular so special. Get the best price by letting us know in your order request that you’re working on a philanthropy order.

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