All About Breakers

Who doesn’t love a good product review?! Recently, our friends at Sorority Sugar published a product review on our Breaker Headbands. We’re happy to hear that they love them as much as we do!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our Breaker Headbands, here’s the lowdown:

– Each headband is approx. 38″ long, 3″ wide
– Each headband is made of Mexican Sarape material
– They come in 5 different colors (Black, Aqua, Lime Green, Pink and Royal Blue)
– They’re hand cut, sewn and printed by our experts
– They’re completely customizable!

Our Breaker Headbands can be worn so many different ways and are the perfect accessory for Spring/Summer, vacations and any Greek event you can imagine! Who doesn’t love to stand out?