Top 5 Reasons to Become a Campus Rep

Campus Coordinator

If you’re looking at your job prospects for next semester and feeling disappointed, it might be time to consider striking out on your own. As a campus rep, you can get more out of the time you put in, both in compensation and experience.


Adam Block Design Live Awesome Tote Live ABD Make Money Campus Coordinator Screen Printed Sorority Shirts1. There’s real money in it

It’s hard out there for a college student. The campus jobs that offer great hours and great pay are difficult to land, even for very qualified candidates. Working as a campus rep, you bypass those restraints by going straight to the top. Each college campus will make thousands of orders for custom apparel year after year, until the heat death of the universe. Why not help them out and make amazing commission at the same time?

Adam Block Design Campus Coordinator Program Work with Friends Custom Screen Printing Sorority2. Your first clients are your friends

Even the greatest sales people of all time would love to have an easy start. You don’t have to get your foot in the door if you already live inside the house. Working with your friends gives you some experience and starts you on the path to working with all the friends you’ve yet to make on campus.


Adam Block Design Run The Show Campus Coordinator Program College Job Sorority Apparel Screen Printed

3. You run the show

You report to a supervisor who is there to help you, but you get to make the calls when it comes to marketing, promotions, and pretty much anything else you want to do. You decide your hours and set your meetings, and you can even turn your study buddies or party acquaintances into clients if that floats your boat.


Adam Block Design Delta Zeta Theta Love Heart Hands Campus Coordinator Job Sorority Apparel4. It’s easy to sell what you love

The best part about being a campus rep is sharing something you love with someone who has never seen it before. Chances are, they’re going to love it too. Whether it’s the best custom t-shirts on the planet or an app that makes school easier, people are always ready to learn more about awesome products and innovations. If it excites you, you’ll succeed with it.


Adam Block Design Campus Coordinator Live Awesome Spirit Jersey Screen Printed Sorority Apparel College Job5. Your resume will turn into gold

These are the three main reactions college grads have while reviewing their resumes after graduation: 1. Why didn’t I do anything? 2. Did I do enough? 3. I’m really glad I did all that. Taking a campus rep job will help you into that third category. It shows you’ve got initiative and the ability to work independently; it shows you’re capable of handling yourself in a real business setting. Even if you decide not to continue in sales or marketing after college, experience as a campus rep will make you stand out as someone who is comfortable in many situations and able to get along with others. These are major pluses in the eyes of your potential employer, regardless of the position, and they’re points that move your resume to the top of the pile.


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