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Is anyone familiar with Ted L. Nancy’s Letters From A Nut? I’m going to get you all hooked excited about books again in 3,2,1…

Last week I was feeling a little stagnant (not even American Dad was helping), so I decided to spend some time on Amazon and bought 5 books for under $30. Awesome! Today the first arrived; All New Letters From A Nut, the most recent (2010) in the series of four. I have read the first and the second and thought maybe I’d skip the third to enjoy the fourth. What the heck!

The books host a series of real letters, sent out by the comedian Barry Marder (under the pseudonym Ted L. Nancy), with the help of the most auspicious Jerry Seinfeld, essentially “pranking” different people in different situations, including “off the wall queries, absurd requests and outlandish proposals”. It’s hilarious! And it’s real! These are real letters sent out to real people, to which he received real responses in return. I mean, it’s brilliant! Really! Maybe I can persuade lead by example. Page 14 of All New Letters From A Nut… dated April 14th, 2009 reads:

“Dear Bar Harbor Hotel:

I am wondering if you have found a pair of RUBBER GORILLA FEET that I left in your mens room the evening of Thursday, Apr 10. I was visiting your restaurant that evening and used the restroom. I was in town to give a performance at a birthday party for a Mr. Juan and was in partial costume and, I believe, left my feet in your hotel mens room….These rubber feet are large as they are gorilla feet (lowland) size 15, with bunches of hair on them. (they are rubbery) They have no value other than that as part of a costume I wear for birthday parties and events that I am in. I probably left them behind when I used the bathroom. They may still be in there…Or perhaps another guest turned them in. You have a fine hotel and are most courteous to your diners. I enjoyed my dinner there. Respectfully, Ted L. Nancy

P.S. You have great bread”

Well, did we like? There’s definitely more where that came from. Not to mention that over the weekend I bought peanut shaped erasers, quite possibly one of the best things I’ve purchased since 2009. I’m going nuts?

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