Spring Break Do’s and Dont’s

Spring Break, a right of passage for college kids across the U.S. Whether you’ve already booked a tropical vacation, or you’re still looking for the perfect place for you and your friends, you’re going to want to study up. Yep, just when you thought the studying was over, being prepared for spring break will ensure that you and your friends will have a great time and can actually be carefree!

Spring Break

Pack the Sunscreen

Just trust us. I know you want to get that perfect tan to rock on campus, but save your skin! You’re likely to spend every single day out in the sun during spring break, and nothing can ruin a good time like a painful sunburn.


Bring Enough Money

If you think you have enough, bring more. If you’re trying to stay on a budget, then stick to your budget! You can have a great time and still spend less money. Also, if you’re trying to cut costs, bring your own drinks, make meals in your hotel or condo, and stay planted on the beach. All those things are relatively cheap and allow you to just focus on fun with your friends.


Call Home

In college, we often forget to let our parents know that we are surviving without them. When you depart for spring break, just give them a little heads up about your plans. Your parents already miss you and they just want to know that you are alive and well!


Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re going somewhere warm or cold for spring break it is always important to stay hydrated! Being active and in the sun will, of course, dehydrate you. If you are 21, and you’re consuming alcohol, you need to be extra careful that you remember to drink water in between your drinks. You don’t want to end up sick in your hotel room during your spring break trip.


Stick to the Buddy System

You’re likely going somewhere that you’ve never been before and while that is exciting, you need to remember that there are potential dangers around as well. When you go out, be sure that you are aware of your surroundings and that you don’t go alone! Always explore with at least one other friend if not more!


Don’t Forget to Plan

You don’t want your whole trip to be structured and you need some time to go with the flow, but be sure that your flights and hotels are in order. If you’re meeting people there, be sure to give each other your flight info so that you aren’t wandering the city alone


Spring break is a great way to unwind and relax from the college grind. In order to have a good time on break, don’t forget these tips and tricks! Be sure to stay safe, plan it out, and call your mother once or twice! Make it a spring break to remember.

Contributed by Elaina Rhoades

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