Campus Coordinators: Jackie Rioux

Campus CoordinatorOne of the best parts of being a Campus Coordinator is developing a relationship with your Sales Manager! SMs help their CCs with everything from marketing ideas to price quotes, and CCs help SMs better understand what’s happening on the ground at each school. For most CCs, it’s the first important business relationship they’ll create, and we love that we can be part of those formative experiences!

ABD Sales Manager Elizabeth is putting a spotlight on one of her hardest working CCs, Jackie Rioux!

Jackie Rioux from UCLA has done an awesome job already in this new school year, continuing to develop a presence on her campus. She has been a very instrumental part in spreading the ABD name to every house on campus.

Here are some of our favorite designs she’s made for clients at her campus:

Thanks for all you do, Jackie!

Twitter: Riouxde_Janeiro
Instagram: jaxxxsta


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