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Become an ABD Campus Coordinator

Are you ready for the best part-time college job in the known universe? Say goodbye to the bookstore or campus restaurant, and say hello to awesome.

Here are the top 5 reasons to become an ABD Campus Coordinator:

1. Make lots of money working about 15 hours a week
2. Impress future employers with real sales experience
3. Meet new people at your campus, make friends, and charm ‘em!
4. Gain tons of connections as a member of the ABD team
5. Commission is based on the number of orders you complete, so the harder you work the more you make!

If you want to be in charge of going out and creating your own opportunities for success, instead of waiting around for them, being a Campus Coordinator might be right for you! With an hourly job, you’d be paid the same amount no matter how hard you work. Working on commission, there’s no cap on the amount you can make.

Read the full job description, including requirements and compensation, here.

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