Picture Yourself a Campus Coordinator

It’s 2019 and a brand new semester. We only have one question: Who are you going to be in 2019? If you’re an undergrad in Greek Life, we have the answer for you: an Adam Block Design Campus Coordinator! You’re welcome. Give yourself the best chance this year and start prepping for those summer internship applications that are creeping up around the corner.    

Campus Coordinator


An Amazing Experience

At Adam Block Design, we like to focus on amazing designs and creating the most amazing experience possible. Whether it’s for our wonderful clients or our awesome CC team, the experience is everything. Our Campus Coordinators work on average 10-15 hours each week, spending their time working with clients, networking on social media channels, and attending clients events. Campus Coordinators work remotely and only need a computer with wifi to get to work. This opportunity is perfect for the festival chaser, the frequent weekender, or someone looking for a job that allows you to manage you school, personal, and Greek calendars.



As a Campus Coordinator, you will be asked a lot of questions by clients which helps you become quick on your feet. With weekly sales tips and reports, we will help you develop sales skills and provide you with real-life customer service experiences. Every client interaction and campaign that you work on is a part of your story to tell. The skills you learn from working remote, having to manage your time efficiently, and helping your clients with their wants are all things that can translate to any major area of study and look great on a resume!



Networking is a key skill to have during and after college. If you’re the life of the party, you’re already halfway there! A big element of a successful Campus Coordinator is their ability to network with fellow students and members in Greek Life. If you like meeting new people and making new connections, it’s time to put this skill to good use. 


Where do you want your semester to go? What do you want to accomplish? Let us help take you there! We’ve got the tools and tips to make your semester the best one yet! Apply to be a Campus Coordinator today.


Have questions? Email our Campus Coordinator Manager, Dom, at [email protected]

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