Zipper Placket Jacket

At the waistband of skirts, lapped zippers are common. The zipper on a lapped zipper is hidden under the fabric. During the process of inserting the zipper, it will remain closed. Except for topstitching, all sewing is done on the inside of the garment. When stitching, make sure the needle is positioned between the zipper foot and the zipper teeth. NOTE: The term "placket" will be used throughout this page. The cloth that surrounds and reinforces fasteners in a garment is known as a placket.

The placket conceals the zipper and creates a professional, clean finish on the inside of the jacket, which was originally supposed to be unlined. The approach for the lined version differs slightly, but we'll cover both in one post.

The body of your jacket should be completely completed before you begin. Because the ends of the casing will be secured into the seam allowance of your right zipper placket and left zipper facing, you'll need to connect the drawstring casing to your jacket before sewing on the zipper (see our earlier post). Finish the hem of the jacket now if you are not lining it.