Buying a Shirt is More Than Just Buying a Shirt


Trees. Are they proof that there are forces at work in our world too marvelous for human beings to understand? That might be so. In the foreword to a recent bestseller, “The Hidden Life of Trees,” it is said that trees are hard for humans to understand because they live on a different time scale than us. But what we can understand is that trees are essential to human life, and that we must plant trees today to have them tomorrow.

Did you know that we plant a tree for every t-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, or any other article of clothing that you buy? And there is no limit on the number of trees that we will plant when your order is placed. But why do we plant trees, anyway? Here are four big reasons why we have partnered with to plant trees in your name.

Trees are good for the planet.

Trees live longer than any species on earth, so they connect human beings with both the past and the future. They are good for the environment, absorbing dangerous gases out of the atmosphere and replenishing the atmosphere with oxygen. And they absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, so the more we plant, the slower the rate of global warming will be. Planting more trees prevents natural disasters, such as flooding, landslides, and soil erosion. More than that, though, they reverse the damage that has been done to the environment, regenerating the land for generations to come.

In that way, trees also help people.

Having more trees around builds stronger communities because they create more jobs and more prospects for residents to find work and build careers in the future. By planting more trees, we are providing an increase to the annual income of farmers in challenged areas of the world by providing sustainable food sources and other resources for many years to come—and that means a permanent increase in income.

Trees make everything more beautiful.

You make the world more beautiful, and by doing so, you show everyone that you care about the world. What is a world without trees? Trees are green; they flower and leaf and fruit; they bring birds and animals and people together. Trees represent diversity and philanthropy. In any dictionary, Philanthropy is both love of human kind and participation in an activity that is designed to promote human welfare. Trees can do that locally, nationally, and globally.

Because you care, we care.

By going to school and working hard on your education, you are planning ahead. By joining with your community, you are showing that you care about the future, and so do we. The Greek community is all about philanthropy, and that is why it’s important that we get involved, too. The members of your sorority and fraternity deserve the best clothing that can be designed, and when you design with Adam Block Design, you will not only have the best, but you will also be giving the best back to the world with us.

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