Why You Should Get a Job during College

I know, I know. You have enough on your plate right? A part-time job might sound like an absolute nightmare right now, but you shouldn’t rule it out. Adding a part-time position to your resume can be the key to getting that perfect full-time position post-grad. There are a variety of reasons to keep an eye out for internships and jobs in your desired career path.



Resume Builder

Building your resume is a major component of your collegiate career. No matter what your major or career path, it is important to show your future employers that you have paid your dues and that you have worked hard to learn new skills. Most employers, these days, request that you have a degree and some amount of experience. So that being said, you’re going to want to start putting feelers out for some quality part-time work.



This one might seem obvious, but extra money in college is always a plus. When you don’t have to call your parents for money anymore, you can feel a little more like an adult. Having some extra cash to grab that new sweater you’ve been wanting or even some new greek life apparel, is so refreshing. Because who doesn’t want more money in their pocket right?


Build Up Your Skills

You might already be looking at potential jobs for post graduation. If you are and you’re seeing required skills that you don’t have, don’t worry! Part-time jobs and internships are great ways to learn new skills and hone ones you already have…all while getting paid for it! It’s never going to be a bad idea to learn something new!


Meet New People

Landing a job is more about who you know than what you know. If you haven’t heard that saying, well I’ve got news for you. In today’s job climate, getting ahead means some serious networking. You can have a great resume, but if the other top candidate is well known by someone in the office, it’s likely that they’re getting the job over you. As unfair as that may seem, it’s the truth, which means the larger your network, the better chance you’ll have! Every new job is an opportunity to gain a valuable connection in the job market. You never know when you could use that person as a reference in the future.



If you find a job you love you’ll never work another day in your life. I just keep hitting ya with the quotes right? Well, it’s really true. When you work a part-time job you get to really test out the things you do and don’t like about a job. You get to find out how you work and what you value in a position. Part-time jobs are the perfect opportunity to explore these things so that you can get it right when you go after your first full-time position.


You don’t have to overload yourself in college by any means, but part-time jobs are definitely worth exploring. They host a variety of benefits and you can find out a lot about yourself and the career path you’re on. If you’re currently looking for part-time work and think you’d make a good campus coordinator, check out our application now!

Contributed by Elaina Rhoades

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