Geeks, Walkers, The Dead…Zombies

Before you start reading, please put on “Zombie Zoo” by Tom Petty…seriously, do it. THE WALKING DEAD premiers this Sunday, October 16th…and I have been waiting for this day since the season 1 finale from last November!!  I am going to be honest, the season finale was kinda lame.  Could have been way better.  BUT the season itself was epic.  Not as epic as the comic books, which you should all read!  The illustrations will blow your mind and inspire you for Halloween!  Back to The Walking Dead!  New writers were hired for this season no matter how good the other ones were.  Which was super disappointing to hear, but I believe the man knows what he is doing because if you watch the trailer you will get goose bumps!  Not just the “I am scared out of my MIND!” goose bumps but also the “O-M-G I am getting emotional” goose bumps (you might even feel a tear run down your cheek).  You get will get pulled into every situation and feel a rush when you they are getting chased!!

Okay, now press pause on Zombie Zoo and check out this trailer: TheWalkingDead :O !!  Is your heart pumping, palms sweating, mind being blown?  Did you bite your nails too low from the intensity of JUST watching the trailer?!?!  Oh I know…me too.

Ok, now press play on Zombie Zoo.  Watch out for those Geeks, Walkers, The Dead, Zombies or whatever you want to call them.  #spreadthedead

For all you World War Z fans…a movie is now in the making BOOOYAA!

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