Rep Program

Campus Rep Program – Become an ABD Campus Coordinator

Are you ready for the best part-time college job in the known universe? Say ‘goodbye’ to the bookstore or campus restaurant – become a campus rep and say ‘hello’ to awesome.

Here are the top 5 reasons to become a Campus Coordinator at ABD:

1. Make lots of money working about 15 hours a week
2. Impress future employers with real sales experience
3. Meet new people at your campus, make friends, and charm ‘em!
4. Gain tons of connections as a member of the ABD team
5. Commission is based on the number of orders you complete, so the harder you work the more you make!

If you want to be in charge of going out and creating your own opportunities for success, instead of waiting around for them, being a Campus Coordinator might be right for you! With an hourly job, you’d be paid the same amount no matter how hard you work. Working on commission, there’s no cap on the amount you can make.

Read the full job description, including requirements and compensation, here.

If that sounds right for you, APPLY NOW!



Campus Coordinators work hard and take their jobs seriously, because the harder they work, the more money they make. Being successful revolves around three main activities:


  • Reach out and obtain clients in the sororities and fraternities on your campus.
  • Communicate with the design team and your SM to make sure each client’s design & order details are perfect before they approve.
  • Lead clients through the order process from start to finish.

Exponential results. After you gain a foothold and some happy clients on campus, word of mouth will bring you more and more business, with your client base expanding each time a new happy client finishes an order. Since your reputation works just as hard as you do, established CCs see more results per hour of effort than they ever could with an hourly position.