Sorority Bid Day Gift Ideas

Bid Day gifts are perfect to celebrate your sorority recruitment efforts finally result in new members. Make it memorable for them with these awesome gift ideas!

Bid Day shirts are pretty much a given, but you can make new members feel extra-loved with some custom accessories as well. ABD can customize pretty much anything you can think of, but here are some of our favorites.

AXO KD GPhi bags backpacks and fanny packs

Bid Day Bags

Most college students use the same bag everyday. Give them something awesome that will fit into their busy lives and allow them to represent even on days when they can’t wear their sorority shirts. Check out some of our favorite bid day bags: totes, fanny packs, back packs, and other bags for inspiration!


various sorority tumblers and water bottlesDrinkables

What else does everyone need on the daily? Water! Water bottles are a great gift that can be extremely stylish without being impractical. Lightweight cups are portable (great for college students constantly changing residences) and travel mugs are a must Bid Day gift for anyone with an 8am class. When deciding which gifts are best, think about how the item will function in real life.

sigma sigma sigma, theta and delta gamma flags, stickers and accessories

Small & Simple

If you dedicated most of your Bid Day budget to shirts and necessities for the event, and have a small amount left over, these small treats are great for helping your new members feel a little more at home in their new family. Buttons, stickers, and lip balm are sorority classics, but if you’re feeling unconventional, branch out into can coolers, pennants, eyeglass retainers (croakies), temporary tattoos, hand sanitizer, or anything else you can think of. The sky’s the limit!


Chi Omega hat, KAO socks, tri delta headband and other wearable accessoriesWearables

Fashion meets function in wearable accessories. Hats, bows, headbands, socks, and sunglasses all top the list of ABD’s favorite gifts. Embroidered hats are especially great gifts for new members, since they’ll only look better with each wear, lasting through graduation and beyond.

SDT and other school supplies, notebooks and pens

School Supplies

Notebooks, pencil cases, pens, planners: there will never be enough of these in the world to satisfy the needs of a college student. Help your new members stay ahead of the curve and let them show off their new sorority in style! If you’re ordering pens or pencils, buy a few per person in case one goes missing.

Start your Bid Day off on the right foot with awesome bid day gifts to help them represent the chapter.
Even when your budget is small, it’s the thought that counts!

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If you’re a big or grandbig who has seen a few Bid Days, what are some of your favorite Bid Day gifts?

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