4 Ways to Honor Your Chapter Through Fun, Custom Sorority Apparel

One of the most empowering experiences a young woman can have comes in the form of sorority life. Contrary pop culture’s gross and simplified view into a world that most never experience, Greek life is not centered around panty raids, binge drinking, or drugged-up toga parties. On the contrary, sorority life demands a strict code of ethics with a genuine will to help others while working to succeed in life. Since sororities help set women on the path to becoming successful after college while instilling a greater understanding of the world and how the individual fits into its grand scheme, honoring your sorority would only come natural.

Fashion is a great way to pay respect to your sorority, and custom sorority apparel adds an even deeper layer to the collegiate Greek life. Remember, whether you are volunteering at a homeless shelter, walking to English class, or you are at a cafe having coffee with your brother, your behavior reflects your sorority while you wear your Greek letters. And here are four ways to have fun doing just that.

custom delta zeta backpacks



“Big Ups” with Sorority Apparel via Campus Life and Attending Class

Needless to say, there are times when you and your sorority sisters will not only be sitting in class, but also enjoying the many facets of campus life. In these situations, having custom sorority backpacks and other Greek apparel can help send a positive message about you and your sorority. And remember, the backpacks will be just perfect for holding your books and laptop, which are essential for any of today’s serious college students. Along with being functional, this sorority apparel will let everyone around you know that you and your sorority sisters are serious about academics and making the world a better place to live in. Whether you’re asking questions during a class discussion, challenging peers and professors when it comes to viewpoints on today’s most controversial topics, or participating in related activities, having your Greek letters on your customized Alpha Chi Omega backpacks (or any other amazing sorority) will show everyone you belong to a special cohort of young women that mean business.

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Volunteering Outdoors: Represent and Protect

When it comes to volunteering, there’s no doubt many sororities have excellent reputations for conquering the toughest outdoor projects. Whether it’s cleaning up a beach, planting trees, or assisting in making constructional upgrades to a veteran’s home, custom sorority hats are the perfect items to wear. Not only will a Delta Delta Delta hat keep the hot sun off your head thus keeping you cool and protecting your skin, it will also let you and your fellow sorority sisters proudly display your Greek letters with pride. And hey, it’s hot out there, so in addition to wearing your hats, you and your sisters can also wear custom sorority tanktops that will keep you looking and feeling cool during sunny, outdoor activities. let you look cool and stay cool during your cleanup operations. Now you are putting your sorority in an extremely positive light while serving as one in the community!

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Formal Fundraising While Advocating for Your Sorority

While a formal or semi-formal fundraising effort may have you and your fellow sorority members wearing clothing that’s not quite as casual as jeans and t-shirts, you’ll still be able to look stylish while you’re mingling with numerous professional organizations. When it comes to representing your Greek chapter, custom sorority shirts can be the perfect choice. Whether it’s a classic v-neck shirt featuring Kappa Delta letters, or a button-up dress shirt showcasing Sigma Kappa, you and your friends are sure to project a professional image that is second to none. Not only will these shirts look and feel great, but they’ll also guarantee you and your sisters will be ready for action when it comes to raising as much money as possible. Whether you’re on campus raising funds for breast cancer awareness, or off-campus with another organization to help fund a new recreation center, there’s no doubt your custom apparel will make the day even better.


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Hanging Out with Your Greek Letters Loud and Proud

Remember that even when you aren’t engaged in a collegiate activity, wearing your Greek apparel still has you representing your sorority. Because of this, people will always take note of how you conduct yourself when out on the town. For example, if you’re wearing a custom Chi Omega sorority shirt,  or a stylish Pi Beta Phi sweatshirt, people will remember your organization based on your actions toward them and others. Whether you’re kind to a waitress in a restaurant who’s being given a hard time by another customer, or helping a person who spilled their groceries in a parking lot, it’s important to remember that when wearing your sorority apparel, your organization is also being judged. By being the outstanding public person your sorority inspires you to be, you can let the world know the true moral fiber of a Greek sister, and look chic at the same time!