4 Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Alpha Chi Omega Shirts

If you are a member of Alpha Chi Omega, then you likely eat, sleep and breathe their time-honored motto, “together let us seek the heights”. Achieving the height of greatness in academics, personal growth, and in contributing to the local community is paramount for every sister in your chapter, and when you order custom Alpha Chi Omega shirts for the entire sorority, you provide an outlet for impassioned unity and drive to both work together and individually to seek the heights. However, knowing what kind of shirts to order is key to getting the most out of your custom sorority apparel. Here are four tips from the experts to help you make the best purchasing decision.

Get the Right Shirt for the Right Occasion

When you and your sorority sisters show off your scarlet red and olive green, what is the most common occasion? Are you normally at a formal to support a favorite charity, volunteering outdoors, or leading out in an on-campus event? If you do regular beach-cleanups, a custom Alpha Chi Omega tank top would be ideal, or if your chapter goes to lots of formal events, then a sorority long sleeve button-up shirt may be the best option. If you simply want something for wearing around campus, a stylish Alpha Chi Omega t-shirt is your best bet.

sorority sisters wearing black alpha chi tanks

Design with Personal Flare

When planning a bulk order of custom Alpha Chi Omega shirts for the entire sorority, consider having a special design touch added to each shirt that represents the individual. If some women have nicknames, a lucky number, a special skill, or anything that sets them apart as an individual in the sorority, have a graphic reflect this. You can have this personal touch added above a breast pocket or on the back of the shirt. You can even have each sister’s name printed on the back of the shirt up top where jersey names normally appear.

Don’t Settle on Mundane Style

Avoid those companies that offer “Hanes beefy tees” or your standard blah t-shirt that any run-of-the-mill college apparel store pedals. Look for a design company that has style experts responsible for maintaining a current catalogue of the most popular styles of the time, as well as t-shirt styles that will remain popular for years to come. Look for unique cuts, fits, and high-quality fabric versus ordinary, poor-quality duds.

sorority shirt model wearing white shirt with pink Alpha Chi Omega lettering

Artistic Eye

It is important to find a sorority apparel company that can take your ideas and create true one-of-a-kind custom Alpha Chi Omega shirts. The designer should be able to take any style, such as a tiki theme, and create fun, playful designs within that genre that reflect your sorority’s energy, values and unity. The Greek apparel designer should be able to avoid ripping off popular graphics and instead conceptualize something truly original that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The design team should also be able to choose the right colors, fonts and know how to apply shadowing or bold lines to make the graphics pop.

Adam Block Design Knows Alpha Chi Omega

ABD has been making high-quality custom Alpha Chi Omega shirts and apparel right here in the USA using only high-quality fabrics and inks. Our methods incorporate true silk screening and creative design teams that know how to bring vibrant life into sorority t-shirts and sweatshirts. Order a shirt for every sister in your house, and lead the way in spreading Alpha Chi Omega pride!