Space Program: Mars By Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs is a sculptor, best known for his recreations of modern icons. In the Space Program: Mars exhibit, which was recently being shown in the Park Avenue Armory in NYC, he recreated a NASA program, complete with a landing excursion module, creative videos about the program, and even a mission control deck.

The exhibition was hands on with the audience, who could go through an indoctrination process and board the landing excursion module. For any kids that had a dream of going to space camp, this was heaven!

Check out to learn more about the exhibition. Make sure to watch all of the videos! They are informational, witty, and hilarious. The one attached is a “Love Letter to Plywood.” It’s really funny and I have to say, I didn’t know much about plywood prior to watching. Who knew plywood could be so interesting!

Blog post contributed by KC