Red Bull Illume 2013

Recently, Red Bull put together a competition to determine the most intense action sports photos in the world. As said via Huckberry, it’s a “photography contest that showcased humans who have special brains. By ‘special brains,’ I mean brains that naturally seek fear the way most people seek warm blankets and sitcoms. Fear-seekers demand consistent levels of novelty and adrenal stimulation to produce requisite amounts of dopamine. (In other words, fear-seekers need to be scared sh*tless to feel normal). It’s a quirk of neurobiology found in many action sports athletes, and radical brains tend to create some pretty radical photos. Red Bull’s Illume 2013 brings together the wildest, most beautiful action sport images captured in the last three years.” —Joseph Minardi, Huckberry

Please check out the full list of pictures here! They are seriously amazing. And don’t forget, if you need shirts or gear for your crazy adventures, don’t be afraid to ask us for help. We’re always here! Plus, Fall means Game Time, so be sure to check out our gallery for inspiration and ideas there, too.

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Photo c/o Red Bull Illume, and The Atlantic.

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