How To Make A Camera Strap From A Scarf

Supplies: A scarf, 2 split rings, 2 chain closures, scissors, sewing machine OR needle/thread, scrap of leather, and a pen.

Step 1: Draw your shape on the leather with a pen making sure the smallest point at the fold fits through the split ring. You’ll be folding it over, so mirror one side to the other and trace it.

Step 2: Cut the leather on the folded line.Repeat to create two of these leather pieces.Connect the chain closure to the split ring.Slide the ring to the middle section of the leather.

Step 3: Fold the end of the scarf in an accordion fold, small enough so that it fits into the leather.Stick the leather to the scarf in place. With your sewing machine, stitch around the edge of the leather. Make sure you have a special needle that works for leather. Otherwise, hand stitch it. Viola!

Photos and instructions via The House That Lars Built.

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