Dress Up, Power Up

Even if you didn’t grow up to be a comic book collector or the type of person who waits in line at midnight to see the latest Marvel movie, it’s likely that as a child, you were pretty well versed in the discourse of superpowers. Whether you stumbled upon your powers of flight/invisibility/super strength/etc by way of your own imagination or with some help from our good friend television, playing Superheroes was always the best. Not surprisingly, it also resulted in some of the best photo memories around.

Growing Up Heroes features photos of kids from all over the last half century dressed up as superheroes. I defy you to look at some of our favorites and not fondly remember your own little self dressed up in your favorite costumes. If you’re feeling extra nostalgic, I’d recommend tying a towel cape around your neck while you click through.

Blog post contributed by Super BH