Delaney Allen’s Self Portraits

“Delaney Allen‘s self portraits are intriguing, never showing his subjects’ faces entirely. His photographs are not so much traditional portraits but evocations of his journeys, mindset, interests, and experiments. Revealing through concealing, delineating through obscuring, faces are masked, bodies camouflaged, and romantic landscapes blurred through car windows. The resulting visions are innately personal yet, at the same time, reverberate with an elementary spirit. Loneliness, emptiness, confusion, and longing- Allen’s days unfold like scrawls from a hidden notebook. While we never see his face, we are handed a foundation, and through his palette of de-saturated colors and hazy lighting, the feelings of a single man emerge.” —

Allen’s self portraits are unique and different which makes every piece beautiful. Check out Allen’s tumblr, his work is phenomenal. Let’s all create something this weekend and when we do, let’s step outside of our box and do something that we are completely against.  Happy Friday!


Blog contributed by: MC