Coffee And Donuts Cupcakes

 Labor Day w-e is rapidly approaching! And for all you East Coasters out there, maybe it has already begun? Jealous. Exciting!  Is it just me or do the Holidays signify mass amounts of food, drink and sun? In case you’re interested in cooking (or baking…get it?) anything special for the long weekend, I’m going to send you my most favorite food blog sites. Let’s face it, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I think I also fancy anyone who has perfected the art of cooking, as well as using cooking to perfect the art of well, art? Check out the following sites to be inspired! Pics are just as fab.  Coffee and Donuts Cupcakes anyone? Heck yes! (please)

1. Always with Butter

4. Edible Selby (side project of The Selby)

2. Simply Breakfast

5. Call Me Cupcake

3. What Katie Ate

Are we catching a theme here?

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