A Beach Day Friday Playlist

Today’s playlist: Beach tunes! Here’s a list full of songs to get you ready for the beach this weekend. Click here to listen!

Here at ABD, our favorite part of the summer is going to the beach. From the babes in bikinis to fresh air to awesome waves, what’s not love? Whether you’re laying out catching some rays or en route to your favorite beach this weekend with friends, these tunes will be perfect for you.

We love the beach because it allows us to take a break from reality, whether we’re on vacation or live close enough to the beach to make a day trip. There is nothing more perfect than the warm sunshine, staring out into the sea, and taking a walk along the shore.

Enjoy these beach tunes this weekend when you’re soaking up the sun in your beach chair. If you can’t get to the beach, take the tunes to the pool or just ambush some friends with water balloons! Don’t forget to check the ABD blog again next week for a new playlist! If you have any suggestions or tips for making sand castles, send us a tweet!

Playlist contributed by: Francesca and Matthew Mesiti
Photo contributed by: James Mesiti