What’s an ABD Brand Ambassador, anyway?

Have you heard? We’re hiring Brand Ambassadors for ABD! 

If you’re new here, you may be wondering, “what is a Brand Ambassador, anyway?” In short, ABD Brand Ambassadors are a totally awesome person in your community that is your go-to for anything Adam Block Design! They can answer questions, help you with how to get started on an order, and even brainstorm ideas with you for upcoming events!

ABD Brand Ambassador

Some benefits of working with an ABD Brand Ambassador:

Close Proximity + Ease of Communication

Our reps are spread out across the US + Canada so they are in your timezone and can be reached pretty easily! They are members in your community, on campus, and some may even be in your own organization. Having a Brand Ambassador in your area is beneficial, especially when it comes to tight deadlines. You can quickly get in touch with your rep and they can get you started on your project sooner!

Knowledgeable + Helpful Reps

We fully train our reps and give them a ton of resources to help them succeed! Our reps also want to work with ABD, so their passion for the brand translates into a desire to make sure you (the client) are totally happy and satisfied with your ABD experience!

The Discounts

Every time you are referred to us by an ABD Brand Ambassador, you will get 10% off your order! Just make sure to list your BA in the “referral name” section of the quick quote form so you can receive the discount!

We’re currently looking to expand our rep program with current college students involved in greek life on their campus. We’re looking for students that are:

Real go-getters with a positive attitude

Friendly and communicative 

Social media savvy


Obsessed with greek life

+ Want to help all their friends get the BEST custom apparel on campus

If this sounds like you or something you’d be interested in, we encourage you to check out the Join Our Team tab at the top of the website for more info and to apply!