I’m a T-shirt Chair. Am I on a Deadline?

Whether you’re planning shirts for your entire sorority’s bid day or making a smaller order for your spring break crew, almost every custom apparel order is intended to be worn at a particular time. Read on to learn more about custom apparel timelines and how to plan ahead to make your orders even easier! 



Most orders revolve around a very specific event date, so it’s easy to decide when you’ll need the order to arrive. You Account Manager will refer to your delivery deadline during your order; your order will be delivered on or before your delivery deadline. You’ll want your order’s delivery deadline to be at least one day before you plan to wear it. Having a few days between receipt of the order and the event is good if you have the time, especially if it’s a large order. Remember to allow yourself enough time to count and distribute shirts before your event. 

Once you have your preferred delivery deadline in mind, you can work backwards to determine when you should send in your order request for screen printed items. We’re able to process orders very quickly when time is limited, but to give you the option of revising the design a bit and collecting your group’s orders in your preferred format (manually for a bulk order or through our website for an indie link), we recommend starting your order a month before your delivery deadline. This will give you access to a wide range of styles. Starting two months in advance will also give you access to additional styles with longer turnaround times, such as Spirit Jerseys, Woolly Threads, and custom made garments.

If you’re ready to start an order now, but it’s less than a month to your delivery deadline, don’t get worried yet! Send in your request now and we’ll send over some options. Rush orders can be delivered within one week, in some cases.  

For embroidered orders, we recommend starting about one and a half months in advance of your delivery deadline, since the turnaround time for embroidery orders is a little bit longer.

One of the reasons we recommend that Greek organizations start their requests a month in advance is that we submit designs for approval by your HQ. This approval process takes a few days, which can delay your approval date even if you’re ready to approve your order. We are able to expedite design approvals for rush orders, but do plan on allowing time for this approval process, since changes to the design are sometimes needed to make it compliant with the HQ’s standards. 

Your Account Manager will also refer to your order deadline, approval deadline, or the last day to send your order to production during your order. This is the date you should approve your order details to meet your planned delivery deadline. Your Account Manager will need your size breakdown to set up a bulk approval page, so don’t be afraid to start collecting your group’s sizes sooner than later.

In the event that you’re ordering something unrelated to an event, rather than assuming you have no deadline, we recommend trying to think of your latest possible delivery date. Generally, you’ll be able to locate a pretty hard deadline to distribute the items, even if it’s just the end of the semester. 

If you’re not sure about the best time to start, just reach out with an email, chat, text, or call anytime at all, and we’ll give you all the info you need to be prepared for your next order!