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ABD loves ZTA! We love printing all types of custom apparel and accessories for ZTA chapters, but we also love what ZTA represents as a Greek organization. Looking like a million bucks in ABD gear (without spending it) is just the icing on the cake when it comes to going Greek. What it’s really about is sisterhood, service, leadership, and making memories with your chosen family. That’s what being Forever Greek means to us, and we love the way ZTA members represent it.

We interviewed Campus Coordinator Deirdre Fairley from Elon University Zeta Tau Alpha about her experience in the organization!

What do you like best about your organization?

I had a few friends in my organization before recruitment, and they introduced me to their other sisters and made me feel comfortable from day one. It made it clear to see during recruitment that the girls were genuine, true friends!

Does your chapter have a consistent style?

Our style definitely depends on the event going on. We had a lot of very trendy girls, so our style for PR shirts definitely ends up on the more stylized side, but event shirts are always different and fun to create!

Describe your favorite chapter event.

I really love our Big Man on Campus event, which is a talent show we host. Fraternities create an act and perform for all of Elon's greek life, and its really fun to watch!

What do you see as your national organization’s most important contribution to the world?

Our national organization donates a lot of money to our philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education & Awareness, which affects so many women. A lot of women in our chapter have close connections with someone who has breast cancer, or is a survivor, so its a very important philanthropy for a lot of us!

What would be different about your life if you hadn't joined this group?

I think I would be pretty lonely on campus if I hadn't joined my organization. Elon's population is extremely involved in greek life, so I am really thankful that I was able to join my organization and meet so many new friends that will be my friends for life!

Thanks to Deirdre for being an awesome Campus Coordinator and for being a great representative and member of ZTA!

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