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Looking into the new millennium, the conversation on a National level turned to the role of religion in ritual. In 1968, Theta Phi opened its doors to women of all faith and replaced the crucifix used in ritual to a cross. In 1988, there was discussion of removing the cross in ritual. The discussion was tabled during convention but it was decided that the cross would have a less prominent role in ritual. In 1990, Theta Phi Alpha surveyed the sisters about the Catholic influences in the ritual. The most positive response was to adjusting the ritual to match the current views of the national fraternity, while the most negative response was to removing all references to God in the ritual. This dissonance between the sisters is still discussed today. However, Theta Phi Alpha is slowly removing religious aspects, in 1990 the Lord's Prayer was removed from the ritual. In 1992, the Theta Phi Alpha Prayer was removed and the following year a less religious ritual for deceased members and a nonreligious national philanthropy, The House that Theta Phi Alpha Built were introduced.

Other efforts were made to create a new national identity during this time. In 2003, the logo and tagline were developed. At this time, the fraternity was also looking to honor its history as a singing fraternity. In 2010, a national songbook was developed and a CD with the songs called Everlasting Melodies were given out as grab bag gifts at the National Convention.

During this time there was also an interest to strengthen existing chapters, now that the fraternity was in good standings with NPC. The fraternity began to develop programs to increase the leadership abilities of the chapter. These efforts included instating the leadership conference in 1991 as well as developing standards for sisters as well as new members. The standards for new members were focused on new member education through the development of a program called My Sister, My Friend. The fraternity also created Leadership Consultants to advise chapters throughout the country. The fraternity also began to look at risk management with regards to hazing and alcohol abuse in 1987. In 1993, a national risk management and chapter operation manual were created.

In 1998, the majority of chapters fell below minimum chapter size, were in violation of hazing or alcohol policy or did not meet financial obligations. This caused many programs such as Compass Point and Reflections to help chapters grow and look at chapter life. The National Office also began to improve communication through the development of a national website. In 2003, a fine was instated for chapters with a number of girls under the campus total number of girls possible to recruit. This controversial fine was created with the intention of keeping chapters active in recruitment. The following year a GPA minimum and value based recruitment system were in place as a way to strengthen chapter membership. Theta Phi Alpha approved the expansion of its Grand Council from five to seven members in 2006 to have more of a focus on assisting chapters as well.

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