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Sigma Kappa is associated with the Sigma Kappa Foundation, which was established in 1962, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1989. Since 1918, Sigma Kappa has worked with the Maine Sea Coast Mission to aid communities and ecologies of coastal Maine. Since 1954, the organization has also supported Alzheimer's Disease research and other issues related to gerontology. In 1945 gerontology was adopted as another main philanthropy of Sigma Kappa. Members help elderly people in their communities. The Organization's "Inherit the Earth" program involves working to protect the environment through a variety of different projects.

The Walk to End Alzheimer's and Ultra Violet are the two biggest philanthropy events that every Sigma Kappa chapter takes part in. Every year each sorority for the Walk to End Alz, makes a team and raises money weeks prior to the walk. Then after this done the sororities participate on the day of the walk and the money goes directly to the Alzheimer's Association. The Sigma Kappa Foundation has had a long-term partnership with the Alzheimer's Association. According to, "In 2015, Sigma Kappa raised over $700,000 across the country and became a 2016 Platinum National Walk Team. The Ultra Violet is another one of Sigma Kappa's philanthropy events. A lot of chapters have Galas, raffles, auctions and much more and make them customizable for their chapter to give back to its foundation.

Need custom sorority shirts? Half zips? Sweats? Long sleeve t-shirts? Water bottles? Commemorative plates? A can coozie that has its own frocket? We got you covered. If you need something custom for your group, we’re going to make it for you, and we’ll make sure you love it. 

Working with ABD lets you spend more time having fun with your sisters (while wearing awesome sorority shirts) and less time working on designs. Let our professional design team mold your Greek shirt ideas into a beautiful, unique piece of art that you’ll want to wear forever. Sit back as your Style Rep offers helpful suggestions that can up the awesome ante even further by leading you in new directions or saving you money. 

Awesomeness knows no limits, so we have options for all budgets: inexpensive shirts don’t have to look cheap. Each order gets the same royal treatment in terms of artwork and customer service, making both you and your chapter happy.

Your Style Rep is a real person dedicated to making your order amazing, so let her know your dream scenario even if it seems crazy, and she’ll do everything she can to manifest it. Ask and you shall receive! Don’t miss out on package deals, which allow your group to get more bang for its buck. Why order just sorority clothing when you could squeeze some sorority gifts in as well!
Whether your group is aiming for sorority apparel that’s classic, on trend, or carving a brand new path into the future of fashion, we’ll go above and beyond to make your most magnificent merchandise dreams come true.

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Our award-winning design team will turn your design dreams into a reality!

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Custom Sigma Kappa Tshirts

We’ve been printing awesome custom designs for Sigma Kappa and shipping them all over the US and Canada since 2008. We’re never going to stop! Our Officially Greek Licensed Greek designs are of the highest quality, because SK sisters deserve it. Every chapter we serve and each new member we meet makes us believe that ΣΚ truly has one heart, one way. These sorority letters always set an excellent example throughout the Greek community. If you need Greek gifts for that stellar dove lover in your life, be sure to check out BlockBuy! From sorority shirts to Greek accessories, we’re always adding new options to give you more variety. You can also request new designs and request to bring them back if they’ve already closed! Join the Sigma Kappa swap groups (here, here, and here) to keep up with new limited edition links.

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