Sell Sorority Apparel, Be a Campus Coordinator

​As a Campus Coordinator, you'll have the best on-campus paid internship in the universe, and you could even be eligible for school credit. Make your own schedule and network with your friends in Greek life to help them create awesome custom apparel! The more you sell, the more money you make, and the sky is the limit!


We’ll teach you the skills to help you stand out and get a job once you graduate!


Get real-world training in sales, customer service, design and much more.


Make thousands of dollars and bring smiles to the faces of thousands of happy students.

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Our diverse team of Campus Coordinators can be found at colleges throughout the country.

Top reasons to become a Campus Coordinator


Make lots of money working about 15 hours a week on your own schedule.


Gain tons of connections as a member of the ABD team.


Commission is based on the number of orders you complete, so the harder you work the more you make!


Impress future employers with real sales experience.


Meet new people at your campus, make friends, and charm ‘em!


Join a team that stands behind one goal: to Live Awesome.

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Live the Greek Life Selling Sorority Clothing

Say goodbye to the bookstore or campus restaurant, and say hello to an awesome campus job.

Amber Sporleder

Northern Kentucky Univ

Makenna Lawson

Univ of Kentucky

Tina Yin

Vanderbilt Univ

Jasmine Crame

Pittsburg State Univ

Maia Gadsden

Case Western Reserve Univ

Kristina Le

Univ of Houston

Disepia Akoto

Univ of Maryland

Jimmy Zhao

Northwestern Univ

Cori Smith

Ohio State Univ

Hanna Estupinan

Saint John's Univ

Karissa DiPillo

Bloomsburg Univ

Dominique Sylvia

Univ of Arizona

Anna Nevison

Univ of Michigan

Kayla Wodkowski

Univ of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Jin Ahn

Cornell Univ

Samantha Perna

Bloomsburg Univ

Nicole Zisa

Adelphi Univ

Being a Campus Coordinator is such a great learning experience. I am getting real-world training in sales, customer service, design and much more.

Leigh Larkin

Univ of Southern Indiana

Kylie Wittland

Rollins College

Shannon Cooper

High Point Univ

Hannah Quitugua

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Teresa Vicino

CUNY Queens College

Sydney Hylland

North Dakota State Univ

Rachael Ferry

Drexel Univ

Carolynn McCartney

Univ of Toledo

Mollie-Grace Stovall

Valdosta State Univ

Graduates of ABD U

Your CC experience will give you the skills and experience to get you into a top job or grad school. Here are just a few of our recent grads:

Emily Le
UC Riverside

Katie Giacobbi
Bentley University

Matthew Vandini
Univ of Richmond

Nikki Jordan
Christopher Newport Univ

Lauren Elskamp
Iowa State Univ

Katherine Walker
Tufts University

Madison Young
Colorado State Univ

Jacqueline Rioux
UC Los Angeles