General info

Every sorority and fraternity is our favorite! Our staff hails from chapters around the country, and we’ve made amazing designs for hundreds of Greek groups. Check out the gallery and let us know which design you think is the best!

We make custom designs for all types of groups, but we cater mostly to collegiate sororities and fraternities. Our Official Greek Licensed status has allowed us to create relationships with many Greek groups, making us very familiar with the rules that govern the approval process for licensed designs. We take care to be open and honest during the design process to help each individual chapter avoid surprises later.

We’ve been in the shoes of our clients, and love that we’re able to offer an experience that saves some of the grief they would normally experience with other custom apparel companies. Our focus on customer satisfaction truly defines ABD, so if there’s ever anything we can do better, please let us know!

We make items for all kinds of events, from family reunions to philanthropy fundraisers to campus-wide Greek competitions. Our gallery shows a selection of event examples, including bid day, date party, parents’ weekend, game day, recruitment, winter formal, and more.

If you don’t see an example for your event in the gallery, don’t worry! If you dreamed it, we can do it. Clients frequently use our gallery for inspiration, but our professional design team makes brand new designs on a daily basis. We hire the best designers to ensure we can make anything our clients request.

If you’re not ordering for a sorority or fraternity event, that’s no problem! We make orders for all types of groups. No one is excluded from the awesomeness of ABD.

Absolutely! Accessories and apparel go hand in hand, so you know we’ve got them. We offer thousands of accessory styles, including water bottles, snap back hats, key chains, foam fingers, tote bags, fanny packs, stickers, pins, cups, backpacks, sunglasses, pens, can coolers, and more. Whether you’re ordering for a small sorority chapter event, Greek week, intramurals, or the biggest game of the year, we can make what you need and make it easy on you!

Getting your sorority or fraternity shirts from ABD is the best choice you can make for two main reasons: 1) we’ve been focusing on creating the absolute best designs in the industry since 2008, and 2) you’ll never find better service or a group of people more excited to make your order perfect.

You can buy new items for your chapter anywhere, but ordering through Adam Block Design gives you a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and other great perks like free shipping on bulk and indie orders, a free item for the organizer, extra special loyalty rewards, and cool surprises in the box!

Your chapter is as unique as you are, so whether your style leans more toward classic stitched letters and crest half zips or crazy neon fanny packs and fringed tanks (or a little bit of both), we’ve got it and everything in between. Our extra-long list of suppliers couldn’t even satisfy all the things we wanted to make for our awesome clients, so we started making our own styles! If you don’t see the style you want on the site, don’t despair: we’ve got it or we can make it.

Each order is different, but erring on the side of giving yourself more time than you think you’ll need is a good idea. Beginning your request two months ahead of the date you need the items in your hands will put you ahead of the game and allow you to be very specific about what you’d like, even if you prefer styles with a longer turnaround time. Beginning one month before you need the items in your hands is a good average timeframe for a stress-free design process, depending on the style and imprint type you’d like to use. Embroidery has a longer turnaround time (four weeks after final order approval) than screen printing (two to three weeks after final order approval). The more flexible you are, the more quickly we can take you through the design process and get you to your final order approval. 🙂

Getting to your final design proof can take as little as one day or as long as a month. That part of the design process mostly depends on the intricacy of your request and the number of revisions you’d like to make. 🙂

If you’re working with a group that will be providing feedback regarding the design, plan that delay into your design process according to the number of times they’ll be providing feedback. If you’re making a design for a Greek organization, it’s likely your design will need to be approved by your national headquarters before the design can be printed—in most cases, it’s a good idea to allow up to a week for this approval, or more if it’s a questionable design.

Regardless of how much time you think you’ll need to nail down the design, remember to also give yourself enough time to collect your orders. This part of the process depends on the method you choose to collect your sizes for a bulk order, or how prompt your group is in placing their orders on an indie link.

We make anything that can have a design on it. Totes, sunglasses, you name it.

We love to host fundraisers for philanthropy! These can be easily organized as IndieLinks or BlockBuy links, depending on what’s best for your group. If you’re working in a specific budget to make sure you’re able to raise as much money as possible, just let us know and we can make something awesome within the parameters you have in mind. We’re always excited to make discounts on orders so more money can be raised for a great cause, so let us know anytime we can help.

Thousands of styles from countless brands are available from our current suppliers, and if you want something extra special, we can find new suppliers to grant your wishes! Larger brands (i.e. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc.) sometimes don’t offer their entire ranges for wholesale, so if you’re hoping to use a specific item from a brand, just let your Style Rep know and she’ll find out if it’s available for wholesale.

Absolutely! If you’d like to print one design on styles for both adults and children, your Style Rep will let you know if there may be an issue with the final size of the design. For an order where we are printing the design across multiple styles, the design will be sized to the smallest item in the order, so you may prefer to do two orders with differently sized designs, depending on what you have in mind. Don’t worry though, our expert Style Reps will remind you if this comes up!

Your campus might have an ABD Brand Ambassador, and if it does, you’re in luck! These awesome people are spreading the word about the best custom orders your town will ever see. Brand Ambassadors refer new clients to ABD, passing on their personal discount in the process. Once referred, these clients work closely with a manager at ABD who will make sure every detail is perfectly addressed and that finishing their orders is easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

Brand Ambassadors are always college students, so if you’re currently enrolled, feel free to submit an application. The real life marketing experience and mentorship from our team are great for your resume, not to mention the cold hard cash that awaits you when your referrals turn into orders. It’s a job that allows you to decide when to work, but also gives you the opportunity to hone your networking skills and showcase your creativity, whether you’re a great copywriter, a skilled photographer, or a graphic design wiz.

We do! Our Brand Ambassadors refer new contacts to us. The referred clients get a discount, and the Brand Ambassadors get paid when their referrals turn into completed orders. You can apply here!

Your campus might have a Brand Ambassador who can tell you more about ABD in an in-person meeting! If you live in the LA area and are interested in meeting with us in person, just let your Style Rep know.

We’re currently licensed to print trademarks for UCLA and some other schools. 🙂 Your Style Rep can let you know what would be possible for your school.

We create the artwork for you (and we have the most awesome designers in the industry)! All you’ll need to provide when you submit your request is a description of your vision (feel free to provide links and attachments), and we’ll make sure the design team creates what you have in mind.

You can start an order by emailing [email protected], emailing your Style Rep from a previous order, or using the website to submit a request in one of three ways. You can browse the gallery and submit a request based on one of those designs, you can choose a product and submit a request by describing the design you have in mind, or you can simply contact us using the contact portal. You can also feel free to use the live chat feature!

Yes! Our site only shows a small selection of the options available for printing. If you have a specific vision in mind, send a link or attachment showing the idea to your Style Rep and we’ll match it with an available option! Our site shows mostly garments, but endless additional accessories and swag are also available. If you’re sick of clothes, we can make anything else for you. Dream it and we’ll do it.

Everything we make is custom, and the images in the gallery are examples of custom orders we’ve printed in the past. You’re welcome to reorder these items exactly as they appear in the gallery, but your pricing may differ from the original price, depending on how many pieces you’re ordering and the processing speed. Other factors also affect the price, such as changes to the design and garment style. Your Style Rep can quickly give you a price quote if you’re interested in customizing something from the gallery. 🙂

ABD is open Monday-Friday, so we’ll get back to you ASAP on Monday! If you have an urgent matter and are already working with a Style Rep, you may wish to write a new email with the subject “URGENT” to alert your rep that you have an issue requiring immediate attention. Note that writing back on an existing thread before you receive a response from your rep will move your thread to the back of the queue, which could further delay your rep’s response.

The sky’s the limit, so dream away! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen! Our design team will work to make sure your design is just right, and your Style Rep will make sure you’re able to choose from items that match your vision.

If you need something very specific, just let us know and we’ll try to match it to a wholesale option or locate a source of the exact item you’d like with good stock. Sometimes, errors are made during the printing process, and if you’ve chosen an item through us rather than sending your own, we’re able to correct the error by printing a new piece. If you’ve sent your own garments and no additional stock is available to us, we may not be able to guarantee a high quality print on every item.

Since our bulk orders are printed with high quality silk screens, rather than printed digitally, part of the cost of each shirt goes toward the cost of physically translating the design onto the screens. The same screens will be used for every shirt printed with that design, so if your order has 100 pieces in it, that cost will be split 100 ways. If your order only has 10 pieces in it, that cost will be split 10 ways, making each shirt considerably more expensive. Below our usual minimum of 24 pieces, the price per piece begins to increase very quickly, so we’ve set the minimum at that point to help make everyone’s price per piece as affordable as possible. If you need to make an order below a quantity of 24, just let your Style Rep know or chat us here, and we’ll see if we can make it happen for you!

For most items, our minimum order quantity is 24 pieces per design. Some accessories have higher minimums.


Check with your Style Rep. It may be possible to change the design, but to do so, you will need to get the approval of everyone who has already placed an order on the link for the design you originally approved.

ABD’s professional graphic design team creates every design you see on all of our sites! If you have something in mind, no design skills are required–if you can describe it, we can make it for you.

When sending design requests, you can include images, text, links, or anything else that helps show us your vision. Even if you’re scribbling on a napkin, we can turn your idea into a piece of art you’ll want to wear for years to come.

Making a reorder is really easy! Just contact us through the site or email your Style Rep directly to let them know that you’d like to order again. Please include an image or description of the item you have in mind. If you’re reordering something that was originally ordered by someone else, providing their info will help us bring up the previous order and design proofs from the archives more quickly.

Yes! We can split the order for you, meaning we’ll use the same screens to print an identical design on multiple styles or colors. Be aware that your design will be sized to the smallest piece in your order, so printing the same design on fanny packs and tees would result in a very small design on the tees. Your Style Rep will help you with any split order questions you have about your design.

Your Style Rep will be the liaison between you and the design team, so you’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing that your Style Rep is making your dreams come true. 🙂

Your design is limited by the size of the item on which you’re printing. Usually, our production team will size the print to match the proportion shown on the design proof as closely as possible, but we can also specify exact dimensions.

Note that if your design is being printed on multiple styles, it will be sized to the smallest item in your order.

There is no upfront fee to create artwork with Adam Block Design, but please keep in mind that requesting designs that will not be ordered can contribute to higher prices over time. Our design team is paid to create designs whether or not they’re ordered, so if designs are abandoned, those design costs are covered by the orders that are completed. If too many designs are abandoned compared to ones that are ordered, prices may increase. Before requesting a design proof, be sure your group is actively interested in ordering what you’re creating!

Gold Foil Print options

This is an example of gold foil.
This is an example of gold ink.
This is an example of gold yellow ink.
This is an example of gold metallic ink.
This is an example of gold glitter.

If no dimension showing an exact height or width has been added to your design, your screen printed order will be sized to the smallest item in your order and the production team make it match the proportion shown on the design proof as closely as possible. If you would like to confirm the size before placing your order, please ask your Style Rep to add a dimension to the design.

We have extra large screens that allow us to print large designs on these items. If you have a certain size in mind, ask to confirm the dimension before ordering.
Embroidered orders are able to be about 10” wide at the maximum.

We have a full service professional design team, but we know that sometimes you want to print logos, photos, or other artwork exactly as the originals, rather than having us create new artwork for you. The file must be 300 DPI and be sized appropriately for the final printing. For example, if you would like it to be about 8” wide on a t-shirt, it would print at about 8” wide if you printed it out using your own printer, at full size and full resolution. If you’re not sure if your image is big enough, we can let you know. 🙂

We keep all designs on file! If you decide you’d like to reorder the same design in the future, we can reprint it whenever you like. Reorders have a minimum order quantity of 18 pieces per design, and the screens are newly burned when the reorder is placed. We’ll do everything we can to keep your reorder price as close as possible to the original price you paid, but note that the price may be different from your original price, depending on how many pieces you’re ordering.

Foil is a heat transferred embellishment that is glossy and super reflective. An adhesive is applied to the shirt in the correct shape using silk screens, just as it would be if it were a standard ink design. Sheets of foil are applied to each shirt using a heat transfer machine (that looks suspiciously like a panini press). Foil is available in many colors and a number of designs—ask your Style Rep about the options if you want something super special!

Order process

A great rule of thumb to remember is that a person can always wear a size larger than they normally would, but wearing a size smaller than they normally would is much more difficult. Err on the side of choosing more larger pieces than smaller ones. Worst case scenario, they’ll be a bit baggy on some new members, which is better than being tight.

Another good tip is to order a few extra, both to make sure your sizes are right and that you allow for the possibility of your school increasing your group’s size at the last minute. Ordering five to fifteen extra pieces for any event in which the final number of participants isn’t guaranteed is always a good idea. Anything left over can be used as gifts or swapped with other chapters!

The nature of custom screen printing makes it difficult and expensive for your group to print more pieces on short notice, so always be prepared!

One of the best things about sororities and fraternities is the diversity of membership! Celebrating differences is possible even when you’re all ordering the same shirt. We offer many styles that have wide ranges of sizes (e.g. XXS-4XL), and there are also many options to allow your group to enjoy different styles with the same design. For example, if some of your group would prefer 3/4 sleeve tees and some prefer tanks, let us know and we can make it happen!

Anytime you have style questions, let your Style Rep know. They’ll put their expert knowledge to work to make sure the shirts you order are the best ones possible for your group, for your budget, and for your design.

Your sorority’s letters and emblems are a brand, and in most cases, they’re a national brand. To help ensure that each chapter is upholding the ideals of the sorority as a whole to maintain that brand, the headquarters of most sororities require that designs containing those licensed elements be approved before they can be printed. If your sorority’s headquarters determine that the design you have in mind is not a good representation of the sorority as a whole, they may reject the theme or ask that a smaller change be made to the design to bring it in line with the sorority’s ideals.

Each sorority’s rules are different, but if you’re familiar with what your group stands for, you’ll likely be able to predict what will and will not be approved. To make it easy, we request the approval for you, and let you know if there’s anything that needs to be changed before the design can be printed.

This is true in most cases, but not 100% of the time. As screen printed designs become more complex, the price may be higher than embroidered designs, especially if the quantity is very low. Embroidery is more labor intensive and takes longer to complete, but screen printing that requires many different colors and special treatments (foil, glitter, etc) or is applied to special fabrics (burnout, pigment dyed, etc) can be equally difficult.

We employ an awesome team of screen printers and embroiderers who have been working with custom and commercial designs for decades. If you’re ever curious about how the difference between embroidery and screen printing would work for your design in particular, just let your Style Rep know, and she’ll be able to show you a comparison of the options to help you make the decision about what would be best for your order.

If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media, you’ll notice that ABD offers discount codes every few months, but we also provide discounts for chapters as needed. Some companies set inflated prices and run deep discounts continually throughout the year, but ABD prefers to keep our price quotes as honest as possible, so when we do offer discounts, it’s a true discount!

We offer high quality items with professional design, but pride ourselves on our ability to hit the price points our clients need to satisfy their budgets. We know it’s hard to be college students, and budgets are important, so we put our expertise to work to get the best possible quality, design, and price for each client. This usually results in a better overall result than the client could have received using the services of one of our competitors who focus on creating cheap shirts, rather than apparel that is both high quality and inexpensive.

If you’re thinking of making the change from a different company, but have any reservations due to price, just let us know and we’ll make sure the price point meets your expectations! Our Style Reps create price quotes to satisfy clients everyday, and never rest until the price is right.

Your reorder will be printed using newly burned screens, so the price may be higher than your original price per piece, if you are ordering a smaller number of pieces. On the upside, your Style Rep should discount the order if you are not making any changes at all to the design you originally ordered. We’ll do everything we can to get your reorder price as close the original price as possible, or lower!

There are never additional set up fees! ABD prices orders as simply as possible, to make the order as easy as possible on you: we give all-inclusive price quotes that cover everything.

You may see BlockBuy options for your organization at the bottom of your IndieLink order page. This makes it easy for your group members to see what BlockBuy options are available and purchase them in the same transaction as their IndieLink order, if they like. Choosing to purchase or not purchase these BlockBuy items does not change the IndieLink purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, just let your Style Rep know!

Most styles are available in S to XL sizes, but many are available in sizes smaller and larger than that! We can make sure you’re able to make bulk orders that accommodate all the sizes in your group, even if you’re ordering for hundreds of men and women, or groups that include both children and adults.
We can also split orders between different styles, if you’d like to order a mix of a couple different styles to cater to the different preferences of your group!
If an item you’d like to order is offered in a style without the size you’d prefer, let us know, and we may be able to add another style that offers that size to the link!

Absolutely! We love making “stores” for groups like this. We can place as many items as you like on your IndieLink–as long as you’ve estimated that at least 12 people will order each design, the sky’s the limit.

You’ll receive a confirmation email after you submit your form. Feel free to reply on that email with the image(s) you’d like to use included as an attachment.

Let your Style Rep know! They can resend the email or let you know if the approval didn’t go through. You’ll need the confirmation email for reference later, so be sure to check up on this ASAP.

You can double check your approval by clicking the approval page link again. If it shows the same information you saw initially, your approval was not successful and you should try again. If your first approval attempt was unsuccessful, your order will not go to production until a successful approval attempt is made.

Double check your check out page to see if there is highlighted portion at the top or next to one of the fields, showing an error message (e.g. Your card has been declined, This address is invalid, etc). If you don’t see one of these messages, or see the message and aren’t sure what to do, contact us and we can make sure your order is added! In your message, please include your shipping address and the item you’d like to order. Common errors include: Mismatch between billing address entered and billing address on file with the credit card company, an address not listed in USPS’s database, or a transaction limit

Contact your Style Rep ASAP. They may be able to pause the order if it has not begun printing yet, so you can decide if you would like to cancel. You will be required to pay any production costs that have already been incurred. If the order has already been printed, you will be required to pay the full cost of the order.
Contact the organizer of your order or your Style Rep to let them know what order needs to be cancelled. If your link is still open, canceling the order should be no problem at all. If it has already gone to production, it may not be possible to cancel your order.
Contact the organizer of the link or contact us through the site ASAP to let us know what order needs to be cancelled. If the link is still open, canceling the order should be no problem at all. If it has already gone to production, it is not possible to cancel your order.

This varies a lot! Some people ordering items from the gallery without changes are able to approve their orders the same day. Some people ordering items with small changes and no additional revisions are able to order the following day. Most people take two to three weeks to get from their request to approving the order, and this includes the time it takes to collect sizes from the group.

Your order may take more or less time, but the fewer revisions you make and the more prepared your group is to order, the better your chances are for getting to the approval quickly. Err on the side of giving yourself a little more time than you think you’ll need, since it’s always better to be done with your design early, than to delay ordering because the design is being revised.

Your Style Rep should send over the size chart or garment specifications for the item you’re discussing. 🙂 If you haven’t received that information, just let them know and they’ll send it over ASAP!

If you’re ordering on an IndieLink or BlockBuy link, you’ll find the size information in a link on the page. If the link is broken, let us know and we can make the correction so you have access to the sizing info.

Sometimes, styles go out of stock unexpectedly before the order is set up, or while the order is awaiting approval. If your preferred item is out of stock, your Style Rep will offer substitute options that will keep your order on track for its original delivery deadline.

Alternately, if your deadline is flexible and the item will eventually be restocked, you may choose to wait for the restock. Note that if you choose to wait until an item is restocked, the restock date is not guaranteed, since it is beyond ABD’s control. We will provide an estimate, which is provided to us by the manufacturer, but these expectations are not always able to be met by the manufacturer, which can extend the turnaround time.

In almost all cases, you can order as few as one piece in any size for a bulk order, as long as the total number of pieces in the overall size breakdown has met the minimum.

In the extremely rare instance that there is an issue, let your Style Rep know and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of immediately! ABD products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the result and love your order.

Once you approve your order, it goes to production immediately, so whether or not you can add a piece to an order depends on when we receive your request. The more time that has passed between your order approval and your request to add an order, the less likely it will be that we’ll be able to add the piece(s). If we have already begun printing the items, it is not possible to add another piece to the order. If we have not yet begun printing, it may be possible to add to the order.

Some items are stocked in our warehouse, but in most cases, we have to place an order for the blank pieces we’ll be printing from one of our suppliers. If we’ve already placed the order for the originally approved number of blank pieces, adding a piece to an order can both increase the per piece price and delay the completion of your order.

After you approve your order details, your order immediately goes to production. You may choose to pay immediately when you approve, or choose to pay later by check.

For anything that is not stocked in our warehouse, we immediately place the order for the blanks so we can begin printing on them as soon as possible. We also begin the process of creating the screens for your order immediately after you approve. The design is sized to pieces of plastic film, which are placed over silk screens treated with a light-reactive substance, which hardens in the areas that are not covered by the design. Each color of the design has its own screen.

When the blanks for your order reach our warehouse, they go through a rigorous Quality Assurance process, making sure none of the items are damaged or missing before we begin printing. The screens are loaded onto our printing press and lined up for your order, loaded with ink, and prepared for the squeegee. The printing process complex, and depending on what type of location is being printed, it may be done by hand or on our automated press. After printing, the pieces are dried. The pieces are inspected again multiple times after printing to ensure everything is perfect. After the final inspection, your order is lovingly packaged and shipped.

If you’re concerned about the style you’ve chosen, we’re more than happy to send a blank sample for sizing purposes. 🙂

Unfortunately, we’re not able to send printed samples of the order we’re working on with you, since we use traditional screen printing techniques rather than digital printing for our bulk orders. To create a printed sample, you would incur all of the costs of the silk screens, which make up a significant percentage of the total cost of your final order.

We use a number of factors to determine the price quote, including the garment style, number of ink colors, shirt color, number of printing locations, special design elements, estimated quantity, and processing speed.

To keep everything easy on you, your Style Rep will give you a single price quote, rather than an itemized list. We provide free shipping for bulk orders, so the total will just be the quantity multiplied by the price!

There are a few ways to place orders in the ABD universe!

Crowdfunded/Individual ordering just for yourself – BlockBuy allows you to order individually with individual shipping, but the outcome of the link depends on how many people order the item. If the estimate is not reached, your item may not go to production (in this case, you won’t be charged).

Individual credit card payments for a chapter order
– Indie links allow your group to easily order items that have been designed for the chapter by allowing them to choose their sizes and place their credit card payments directly on our site. These items ship to a single address to be distributed by the organizer of the order.

One payment for a chapter order – Making a standard bulk order, you would collect the sizes from your group and make the payment from a single credit card or check. These items ship to a single address to be distributed by the organizer of the order.

Using an indie link will allow everyone in your group to choose their sizes on the site and immediately pay for them using their own credit cards. You’re able to see the list of who has ordered.

IndieLinks can be open for up to four weeks, and we don’t charge cards until the link has gone to production. If your link doesn’t go to production for some reason, no one will be charged, so there’s no need to worry about refunds.

Payment info

This stuff is complicated so we won’t get too into how it works, but rest assured that all credit card authorizations are done safely and securely, using only approved and PCI compliant service providers and merchant processors.

Since our company operates in California, all orders that ship to CA addresses are subject to sales tax.

This depends on the type of order, so here’s a breakdown:
If you choose to pay by credit card at check out, your card will be charged immediately. Alternately, you can choose to pay by check, in which case you can enter a card as a placeholder, which will not be charged immediately. If payment is not made for the order after the time stated at checkout, we will contact you to confirm that we are charging the card entered as a placeholder. We will always give you advance notice and a chance to choose a different payment method before charging cards in this manner, so don’t be worried!
Your card will be charged only if the link goes to production. If it does not go to production, your card’s pending charge will be removed from your statement and you will not have any charges applied to the card.

Your order will enter production immediately after you approve your order details, but note that delayed payment may affect your delivery deadline. If you have a special circumstance in which you will not be able to make your payment within seven days of approving your order details, please let your Style Rep know immediately.

You can send checks to our Lake Forest office. Be sure to note the invoice number in the memo of your check!

Adam Block Design
23361 El Toro Rd, #219
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Yes! You can choose to pay for bulk orders by check or by credit card–whichever you prefer. Instructions for how to make your payment by check will be provided along with your invoice, which will be emailed to you shortly after you approve your order details. If it’s been more than three days and you haven’t received your invoice, just let your Style Rep know and she’ll send over another copy.

If you’ve made an order on BlockBuy, and the link has not yet gone to production, your payment will continue to be listed as “pending” until the link goes to production and the card is charged. For BlockBuy orders, when you enter your credit card info at check out, this merely reserves the item for you, rather than immediately charging the card. Once link goes to production, your card is charged. If it does not go to production, your card will not be charged and the pending charge will be removed from your statement.

If you’ve paid for a bulk order or an item from an IndieLink or on Remy+Olive with a credit card, your statement may say “pending” for a few days after the card is charged at check out, depending on your credit card company. If you have any questions regarding your payment, feel free to ask your Style Rep anytime or email us at [email protected]

For bulk orders, you can pay by check or by credit card—whichever is easiest for you. IndieLinks and BlockBuy allow everyone to pay individually using credit cards or PayPal.


Almost everything we produce with ink on it is screen printed, but some promotional items like custom ups and koozies may be digitally printed. These digitally printed items come with the same quality guarantee as our screen printed items.

Screen printing is done by pushing ink through a silk mesh. The mesh is stretched on a rectangular frame, and the areas that aren’t part of the design are blocked with a plastic-like material. This is accomplished by hardening the plastic in those areas with an extremely hot light, hence “burning the screens.” Right after the design is printed, the screens are cleaned all the way down to the mesh, so they can be used again for different designs.

Screen printing is accomplished by dragging a squeegee over a large amount of ink on a screen, which pushes the ink into whatever happens to be below it. On a flat piece of fabric, this usually results in a beautiful, clean print. On a seam or over a zipper, this usually results in a ragged print and/or a build up of ink. If you do choose to print over a seam or zipper, we’re unable to 100% guarantee a high quality print, so you’ll be asked to approve the fact that errors may occur on some or all garments in the order, and these will not have the possibility of being reprinted due to print error complaints.

We print a base layer of ink on non-white shirts to ensure that the design is as close as possible to the approved design proof and to the other items bearing the same design, but the fabrics could affect the final ink color. The base layer of ink usually does the trick, but plastisol ink is slightly translucent, so a slight difference may occur if your shirts are drastically different colors or fabrics.

Shipping & returns

Your price quote is all-inclusive, so there will be no additional customs fee. 🙂 Note that Canadian orders may take a bit longer to be delivered, due to the fact that they have to travel through customs; your Style Rep will account for this in the turnaround time information she provides.

If you need to change your shipping address after you’ve approved your order, contact your Style Rep to let them know ASAP. It may not be possible to change the shipping address if the item has already shipped.
If the link is still open, but hasn’t been extended yet, and you need to change your shipping address, contact us with your name, the link, and the email address you used to place the order so we can manually change your address. If the link has been extended, you can change the address using the link in the extension email you received.
If your link has already gone to production, it may not be possible to change your shipping address, but let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen!

We’re more than happy to ship your order to you! Unfortunately, we’re not able to allow will call orders at this time, even for people in the LA area.

If your bulk order has an error, let your Style Rep know and we can make sure everything is worked out to your group’s satisfaction! In some cases, if we reprint your order, we may return some or all of the original pieces for inspection.

If your BlockBuy order has an error, please let us know. We are unable to process returns and exchanges for BlockBuy items, since they’re printed to order, but we will do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied!

We provide free shipping for bulk and indie orders! BlockBuy orders are subject to additional shipping costs, usually $5 per item (+ $1 per additional item printed with the same design).

Let your Style Rep know and they can make sure everything is worked out so you receive your items! Note that if the items shipped to the address you approved at checkout, and you wish to change the address, you may be subject to additional shipping fees to have it shipped to a second location.

Please take a photo of the damaged package and the items inside, if you can, and let us know ASAP. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if items are damaged during shipping, we’re always ready to help!

FedEx is usually good about marking items delivered only when they’ve been delivered, so it’s a good idea to check with your neighbors to see if it’s been delivered to the incorrect address. If you’re not able to locate it, just let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it!
USPS sometimes marks items delivered when they’ve been placed in the care of the mail carrier, rather than when they reach your hands. If you have a BlockBuy order that shows it has been delivered, but you don’t have it yet, there’s a good chance it will be delivered the following day. If your tracking number has shown delivery for two or more days and you don’t yet have the package, let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

If you wait a day or so, you will see the tracking information for your order. Your tracking information may arrive before the package has been picked up by FedEx, which is why it doesn’t return results for a short period after you receive it.

No. 🙂 We provide free shipping, so your total will be the quantity multiplied by the quote. Orders with rush processing will have an additional cost you’ll perceive if you’ve been quoted for regular processing previously, but your Style Rep will still provide a single quote that covers everything.

The turnaround time your Style Rep gives you will also include the shipping time. When you’re given a delivery deadline or in-hands date, that means your items will be arriving to you on or before that date.

The turnaround time will vary from a few days to six weeks, depending on what type of item you’ve ordered, the imprint type, and the processing speed you’ve chosen. Your Style Rep will provide your delivery deadline based on the date you place your order. Your delivery deadline indicates that the order will be delivered on or before that date.

At the beginning of your order, let your Style Rep know when your latest possible delivery date is, and they’ll set your order deadline accordingly. Note that if you change your item, processing speed, or imprint type during the order process, the turnaround time may vary.

When you approve an order, note that the terms will indicate that special scenarios out of ABD’s control such as insufficient stock and inclement weather may affect your delivery deadline, but we will always do everything in our power to make sure you receive your items on or before your delivery deadline.

Your tracking info will be emailed to you when the shipment leaves the warehouse, but if you’re concerned that it didn’t reach you, feel free to check with your Style Rep. They can send over the tracking info again, or let you know the status of your order, if it hasn’t already shipped.

Your tracking number is issued immediately when the shipping label for the box is created. It will begin returning information after it’s picked up by FedEx, which is usually less than a day after the tracking number is created. If you just received the number, try checking back in a few hours or the following business day, which should give it enough time to begin returning information.

Your Style Rep can let you know which order it is based on the tracking number. 🙂 Just let us know, and we’ll be able to confirm for you.

The best way to ship to multiple locations is by using a BlockBuy link. This will allow your design to be ordered by anyone in the US, and if the link goes to production, each piece will ship directly to the person who ordered it.

If you want to ship a bulk order to just two locations, your Style Rep can help you make that happen! If you choose to ship to more than one location, note that the responsibility of counting the pieces in both locations to ensure they’re correct before distribution will still be up to the organizer of the order.

We have very thorough quality control, but sometimes errors do get through. If you have a damaged piece, just let your Style Rep know and we’ll make sure it gets worked out for you ASAP!

If you’ve placed a bulk order for your chapter, you have the responsibility of distributing it to the group, so be sure that you’re the first person to open it, and that you fully count it to ensure you have all of the pieces before distributing any of them. If you find that you are missing a piece during this count, please recount to ensure your initial count was correct. If this confirms that a piece is missing, just let your Style Rep know and we’ll make sure it gets worked out for you ASAP!

If you placed a large order and are missing multiple pieces, check to make sure an additional package is not on its way. 🙂 Packages containing the same order usually ship together, but sometimes are separated, causing the second package to arrive later.

The basics

Lucky Charms, hands down.

We’re based in Los Angeles, but we work with clients from all across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and offer free shipping to anywhere in the US. Here’s a map with some of our clients represented by little ABD blocks:Adam Block Design Campus Rep Locations

Since our focus is on completely custom design, our orders vary widely with respect to quantity, type of apparel, and design. Each order is unique, with many different factors contributing to the cost including type of apparel, number of print locations, number of ink colors, the use of specialty inks, and the quantity ordered. We’ll always work with you to find the right choice for your budget.

Definitely. The items on the order page are simply our most popular items. We’ll be happy to use any brand or style you would like.

We offer it all. Embroidery, stitched lettering, foils, stones. You name it, we have it.

Absolutely. We’ll be happy to set up a secure link so all of the members of your group can pay for their order individually with their own credit cards.

From the moment you make a request to the moment you approve the order, the total amount of time your order takes can vary, depending on a number of factors. If you have a strict delivery deadline, let your rep know as soon as possible!

Our minimum order quantity is 24.

Yes. And proud of it. Here’s our emblem:  Official Greek Company

Official Greek Licensing means that every Greek design we print is approved by the organization represented. Most designs will be approved by your organization within about three days, but some can be deliberated for a week or more. We take care of the entire approval process for you, but always allow time for design approval when deciding when to begin an order.


Yes. Any of our past designs are available to order or be customized with your group’s name. Simply click on the design you like and select “Order This,” then let us know how you would like the design to be customized.


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