ABD Awesome Club Rewards


Discounts for ABD orders are available frequently! The best way to catch them is to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. Campus Coordinators run separate promotions at their schools as well, so be sure to connect with your school’s CC if you haven’t already!


We run giveaways through our social media on a regular basis, offering prizes that range from shirts and water bottles to huge gift certificates! You don’t always have to participate in a giveaway to get something cool, either. Each week, we create awesome designs for individual sororities and publish them as free downloadable wallpaper for your phone. You may also get a cool free gift along with your order! Surprising you with treats just makes us happy.


Loyalty pays off in the ABD Awesome Club! Each order you place puts you closer to an awesome reward. After your chapter places five orders, you receive a 15% discount code that doesn’t expire. More information about rewards coming soon!

Campus Coordinator Perks

Becoming a CC is a perk in itself, which makes everything else icing on the cake! In addition to standard commission, Campus Coordinators can earn rewards for hitting their individual goals, being top performers, and reaching group goals together. CCs also love their swag packs, which keep them looking awesome in ABD gear and help them promote their services on campus.


Have more questions about rewards and discounts? Chat us below or ask your Style Rep for more info!