5 Art Supplies Every Savvy Sorority Girl Should Have

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If you belong to a sorority, then you are probably familiar with the feeling of instant panic brought on by the word “crafting”. We at ABD put together a short list of the best craft supplies designed to make your projects easier and keep you cool calm and collected during the chaotic preparation for sorority events. Check it out below!

Puffy Paint

Turn basic items into works of art with these easy-to-use paint pens! Customize cups, signs, paddles, and more with the wide variety of colors offered. Paint on practically any surface, including plastic, wood, metal, and cloth. Create large intricate designs or small simple statements with these amazing paints! Pro Tip: squeeze the base of the pens to ensure no surprise air bubbles ruin your design!


Glitter Glue

Every sorority girl loves her glitter, but the clean-up is hardly worth the hassle. Glitter glue pens offer the same glittery wow factor without any of the mess! Just squeeze out the desired amount of glitter in any design you want, and voila! Mess-free sparkle with minimum effort!



Great for holding items together or as their own decorative touch, ribbons add a bit of elegance and fun to any display. Tie multiple colors together for a 3-D effect, and curl the ends with a scissor to add some bounce!



Stick-able rhinestones are the perfect way to customize any accessory in a pinch! Simply peel off the backing and attach to any mug, banner, or cooler! Stick on multiple colors in a personalized design for a fun professional look in a snap. Great for Greek letters or individual initials! To ensure the longevity of your rhinestones, apply a layer of clear nail polish once you are satisfied with your design.


Acrylic Paint

Regardless of the surface, acrylic paint will be your best friend. Canvases, t-shirts, even glassware. Create one-of-a-kind designs on any item, but be sure to think ahead because this paint takes about a day to dry! Just be careful not to accidentally get any paint on your clothes, but if you do Tide-To-Go pens can save your favorite sorority sweatpants!

Don’t forget to use these tips to spice up your Adam Block apparel too! Take your custom designed orders even further with personalized styles hand crafted by you and your besties, or make a night of customizing your Adam Block sorority tees and see who is the queen of crafting!

Contributed by Alyssa Smith, Campus Coordinator at Tulane University


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