10 Meaningful Sorority Gifts for that Special Greek Girl in Your Life

Sorority gifts can make someone’s year even more special! While attending college can be a life-changing experience for almost any student, it is an especially important time for a young lady who chooses to belong to a sorority, and gifts honoring this will make her experience all the more special. Not only is this a time she will make new friends and grow as a person, she will also learn much more about herself as well as the world. Along with all this, she’ll also have the opportunity to get plenty of sorority gifts that will be memorable and appreciated for years to come.

Whether it’s a gift for her room, one which her sorority sisters will also be able to use, or a gift that can be placed in common areas, there’s no shortage of gifts you can get for that special sorority girl in your life. However, if you’re having a hard time finding the perfect items, here are 10 ideas that are sure to give you inspiration.

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Custom Sorority Apparel for Each Member

If you want to give a gift to your special girl and all her sorority sisters, consider placing an affordable bulk order for custom sorority shirts or sorority sweaters. While many companies can accommodate this request, Adam Block Design is viewed by most customers as having the best merchandise at the lowest prices. Whether you get custom sweatshirts, hats, or other custom sorority apparel, chances are these gifts will be proudly worn by all who receive them.

Spirit Jersey Sorority Gifts

If you want to get your sorority girl a gift that’s very comfortable and looks great, consider a spirit jersey. A timeless gift, it’s a football jersey that comes in various colors and can be customized with the recipient’s name, the name of her sorority, and the year the organization was established.

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Greek, Season One

If you’ve got a sorority girl who loves to watch television, buy her a DVD of Greek, Season One. Available on Amazon for as little as nine dollars, it’s a great gift that she can share with her fellow sorority sisters. After watching the first season, chances are she’ll be asking you for the entire series, so be prepared.

Hi Y’all Mittens, The Right Color Makes them Sorority Gifts

If your sorority girl attends a school where the weather is cold, buy her a pair of Hi Y’all Mittens to keep her hands warm while walking across campus. Costing only $45, they do sell out quickly, so get yours as soon as possible, and do try matching them up with her sorority colors.

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Mini Polaroid Camera

While smartphones are all the rage today, a mini Polaroid cameras are great sorority gifts for any college student. Available in pastel colors, they’re sure to love it, and use it often to capture all the joy of campus life and sorority fundraisers!

Miniature Picture Frames

What better way to show a fond Delta Delta Delta memory than one captured in a mini picture frame! A gift that will let her display sorority pride and love for her sisters, these frames are funky and fun, and best of all can be purchased as a pair for only $10 at most online stores.

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Kate Spade Wristlet

If your special sorority girl is into fashion, then a Kate Spade Wristlet is a must-have. Larger than many handbags, it has a built-in phone charger for her smartphone and comes in numerous stylish colors. Costing $198, it’s a gift that will be appreciated and used for years to come.

Sorority Mascot Stickers

If there’s one thing you don’t want your sorority girl to do, it’s lose that expensive textbook she needs for class the next morning. To keep this from happening, give her some sorority mascot stickers to place on her books. Available in many bright colors and costing only $6.50 per pack from most sellers, she and her fellow sisters can place them on their books, ensuring they will stand out from all others.

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Gilmore Girls Coffee Mug

To make sure your sorority girl and her sisters don’t spill coffee on their sorority shirts or sorority sweaters, give all of them a Gilmore Girls Coffee Mug. At only $21.95 per piece, they’re affordable enough to allow you to hand out several of them around the sorority. By doing so, your girl and her sisters will look stylish and chic while drinking their favorite java.

Lily Pulitzer Planner

Since sorority girls have lots to keep up with between classes, social activities, sorority meetings, and more, giving them a Lily Pulitzer planner will help them stay organized. Costing $22 and coming complete with stickers and in different prints, it’s a fashionable gift as well as one that’s practical.

While it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gift for your special sorority girl, these 10 gift ideas are sure to be high on her list of must-have items. From Adam Block custom sorority apparel for the entire house, to a retro camera that will let her capture once-in-a-lifetime moments with her sorority sisters, to a stylish coffee mug, there’s no doubt you’ll be a hit with your girl and her Greek family by giving these gifts for a special occasion, or on any given day to let her know you care.






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